Foresight for Development
The South Africa Node of the Millennium Project
South African Chapter of the World Future Society
Master of Technology in Futures Studies in Commerce, University of Houston
Australian Foresight Institute
Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University, Taiwan
Finland Futures Research Centre, Finland
Finnish Society for Futures Studies, Finland
Kairos Future Group, Sweden
The Russian Futures Studies Academy
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Futuribles, Paris, France
The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria
The Forward Studies Unit, Riga, Latvia
The Estonian Institute for Futures Studies (EIFS)
The Centre for Futures Studies, IDSC, Egypt
Institute for Alternative Futures
Foundation for the Future, USA
Foresight Canada, Canada
Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies
World Future Society
The Association of Professional Futurists
The Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, CA
The New Zealand Futures Trust
Humanitarian Futures Program, King's College, London
Forward Engagement
The Future of Humanity Institute
In Pursuit of the Future
Millennia 2015
Forward Looks
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