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​Africa is rich with opportunity, but is simultaneously complex and difficult to predict. We are excited to introduce our extensive service in African Futures. African Futures, delivers the most recent thinking on the future of the African Continent. ​

Our service offerings include:

  • The Premiers service which includes both publications and events as an annual subscription at a discounted rateafrica.jpg
  • Publications offered as a subscription service

Our publications provide concise, digestible pieces of well-researched information We scan six themes:​

    • The New World of Business
    • Social Capital
    • Sustainability
    • Security
    • Technology & Innovation
    • The Art & Science of Decision-making.

This wealth of information is packaged into the following publications:

    • Wiki Moja
    • SCAN (quarterly)
    • Reports (monthly)
    • African Business Futures (annually)


    • Africa Day Conference
    • Our annual workshop on methods for futures
    • Our annual conference on strategic foresight topics
    • Two  interactive environmental scans in Johannesburg​
    • 2 Prognosis breakfast meetings in Johannesburg​​