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 Benefits for Associates

The IFR provides a service to Associates through

  • Multi-interdisciplinary research

Environmental scanning as a background to scenario planning

Filtering information into short, easily accessible formats

Regular publications

Conferences & breakfast meetings


Futures oriented presentations at a venue and to an audience of your choice


Facilitation of scenario planning exercises

Associates are also entitled to

  • Free access to futures oriented textbooks, journals and other relevant literature at the office of the Institute
  • Additional tailor-made research at a discounted cost
  • Top priority – your project requirements will be dealt with ahead of non-Associates

The IFR strongly encourages collaborative projects between the Institute and its Associates. As an Associate, you are given priority status to utilize the Institute’s comprehensive research services. Beyond the scope of the services already outlined, the Institute can deliver various types of projects, including

  • research on the present environment or aspects of the future; and
  • facilitating scenario planning exercises or other futuristic related workshops.