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​What does the Institute do?

It prepares and supports organisations to implement effective strategic planning. Although the Institute focuses more on the longer term, it invariably finds itself also buttressing organisations’ tactical planning.

Strategic planning supported by the theory and practice of futuristics

The Institute is internationally recognised for its research and teaching in futures studies. It is well equipped to lead its Associates to ‘envision and realise their future’.

Various foresight techniques such as scenario planning are used, and the future is constantly explored under various paradigms like systems thinking or viewing the organisation’s position on the ‘S’ curve. This expanded knowledge of futuristics should enhance your abilities as a strategic leader.

Planning support - updating you on emerging trends and new issues

The Institute looks beyond the environment an organisation typically focuses on – beyond the regulatory, business/micro and stakeholder environment.

We scan this broad external environment to identify critical issues and emerging trends that will affect your organisation – looking at it firstly from a global perspective, then in more detail at Africa, and finally narrowing it down to a focus on South Africa. We divide that external environment into economic, technological, resources, ecological, social and political environments.

The Institute explores these trends and others that could have a potential impact on the future of Associates. This knowledge could then be mobilised by the organisation, in strategic or even short-term tactical planning. This approach could help you to remain ahead of your competition and to remain sustainable as an organisation.​​