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One of the core objectives of the IFR is to assist senior leaders to make better decisions by anticipating risk earlier and by sensing opportunities in good time. South African Futures delivers the most recent thinking on the future of South Africa.

Our Premier Service, which is an annual subscription service, includes:

  • Various Strategic Insight Reports and
  • Futures Methods workshops.
  • Annual Futures Thinking workshop and conference

Our strategic insight reports provide concise, digestible pieces of well-researched information. We scan six themes: ​

This wealth of information is packaged into the following publications:

  •  Fri@Noon  - Distributed weekly. Carefully curated information to provide you with an overview of key news events impacting the business landscape in South Africa.
  • SCAN@IFR  - Distributed monthly. A compilation of extracts from periodicals and reports of strategic importance.
  • Themed Reports - Distributed monthly. The reports focus on specific themes, sharing the latest futures thinking and research.
  • South African  Business Futures -  Distributed annually. An exclusive compendium on the latest developments in the field of futures, with strategic analyses and an index facility to ensure information is accessed with ease. It is an indispensable aid to executives and strategic planners.


Our Futures Methods workshops

4 scheduled, one per a quarter. Premier Service clients can send up to 2 participants to every workshop.

The main purpose of these workshops is to assist participants to gain further insight into futures methods. The facilitator will expound various futures thinking methodologies that will challenge participants' current mental models in order to consider options for possible and plausible futures. The outcome of this session is greater clarity and understanding of futures methods and their practic​al application. Organisations can then use the newly acquired insights to develop and adapt their strategies and the implementation thereof.

Our annual Futures Thinking workshop and conference on strategic foresight topics

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