Foresight: What does it look like if it is done well?

The Institute for Futures Research (IFR) published its first Business Futures publication in 1984 and since then has published an updated edition annually. The publication has also transformed over the years from a quite a substantial printed volume to an online web based portal allowing for easier access across the globe. The key motivation

Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality in 2045 – Non-Collapse Scenarios for South Africa

Collapse futures are well documented in popular media, apocalyptic movies and video games resulting in all of us having many such memories of the future. In the South African context particularly, so much has been written and spoken about this future archetype and collapse scenarios have been well explored. But collapse is only one possible future, and by

Making Sense of the World and Seeing the Forest for the Trees

“How do you know if a statement is true?” This is a question posed by world-famous psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Daniel Kahneman, in his book Thinking Fast and Slow. The question all but shattered my world view. As a young, spritely, newly employed systems analyst, I had been tasked by