The Institute for Futures Research (IFR) published its first Business Futures publication in 1984 and since then has published an updated edition annually. The publication has also transformed over the years from a quite a substantial printed volume to an online web based portal allowing for easier access across the globe.

The key motivation for the Business Futures publication is to share the latest developments in the field of futures thinking and futures research and strategic foresight. The latest edition will once again be accessible as an online platform that includes articles, videos and summarised statistics and will be available in November 2020. (See SA Futures and African Futures)

As part of the Business Futures 2019 edition Dr Jay Gary, chairman of the Association of Professional futurists, produced this video on “Why foresight is a team sport!”.

Watch video here

Some of the key points Gary makes in the video are:

  • The importance of the ‘Competing values framework’ and that all four archetypes are essential to create futures value.
  • We are all in the future together.
  • Change happens when we bring people together with contrasting views. We create the future best when people challenge us.

He also recommends reading “The innovation code” by Jeff DeGraff.

Please feel free to contact our Senior Futurist for South African Futures at or our Senior Futurists for Africa at should you have any questions around the Business Futures publications